Stupa Overlooking Lhasa

mattlindén posted a photo:

Stupa Overlooking Lhasa

Woke up very early this morning to capture some pre-sunrise Lhasa from the mountains – here’s a stupa overlooking Lhasa – you can even see the Potala Palace in the background. On the way back, this quote from Shantideva (awesome Buddhist master from the 8th century) came up:

My foes will become nothing.
My friends will become nothing.
I too will become nothing.
Likewise all will become nothing.

Just like a dream experience,
Whatever things I enjoy
Will become a memory.
Whatever has passed will not be seen again.

In one hundred years, almost everyone alive today, will be dead. One day, even these mountains will become nothing. If we truly realise this, we’ll live tolerant, peaceful, loving lives. Let’s try!

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